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Officiator of Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies in Worcester, Worcestershire and Malvern.

Many of us find conversations about death and grieving incredibly difficult - but the majority of us will be affected by the death of another at some point during our lives, and we might be expected to make decisions and be organised at what may be a very painful time.

Traditionally, the funeral has been seen as a means of expressing beliefs, thoughts and feelings about someone who has died and as a time to look back and share the memories and experiences of their lifetime. Whether one chooses burial or cremation, the main purpose of a funeral or memorial service is for a life to be recognised, yet it also serves as an occasion for understanding, and an acknowledgement that the life has ended.

In today's society, more and more people are calling themselves 'non-religious' and are not allied to any given faith. Others may follow a spiritual path but are not necessarily religious.

Others may not fall into either of these categories. Therefore, when someone they love dies, they are often unclear about how to design a tribute which is fitting.

To add to this, friends and family often want to participate in the creation and presentation of a personalised funeral, but may be uncomfortable or unable to speak publicly about the loss of a loved one.

Funeral Celebrants are there to support the individual or family decision to present a non-religious, semi-religious, or spiritual ceremonies.

For non-religious, semi-religious, spiritual or civil ceremonies.
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